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Homeless man seen throwing sweet birthday party for his beloved dog

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Kindness costs nothing and a homeless man from Colombia proves that. After a video of him celebrating the birthday of one of his dogs went viral, he has been earning praises online.

One night, the man put party hats on the two dogs and petted them while sitting on a stairway. As no birthday party is complete without a cake, he then goes ahead and pulls out a small cake from a plastic bag.

Lighting some candles, the man is then heard singing “Happy Birthday” to his dogs and showering them with kisses. Choco, the name of the man is then seen serving his dogs a piece of the cake each before tasting it himself.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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Rótelo, a journalist who first posted the video, said the man lives on the street of the Cabecera neighborhood in Barranquilla, Bucaramanga. Despite being homeless, the man is known for taking care of his dogs and is often seen with his furry friends.

As the video went viral, many approached him and showered him with love and some generous gifts. Residents have dropped by at a meeting spot in San Pío Park and donated several things for the man and his dogs.

As per the search results on Instagram, Choco, whose real name is José Luis Matos, is originally from the municipality of El Peñón.

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He said the birthday party was to celebrate his dog Shaggy’s—the black one in the video—fourth birthday. His other dog, Nena, has been with him for 10 years and his birthday is in November.

Answering questions from people who joined his Instagram live, he said physical abuse forced him to leave home and start living on the street.

He also shared his dream to pursue music and open an animal shelter.

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