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Wounded Pigeon Becomes Surrogate Dad To Tiny Puppies In Need

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Herman, a helpless pigeon, was found by a kind-hearted woman struggling on the ground. Thankfully the Good Samaritan knew of a bird lover that may take Herman in.

Sue, who is a rescuer with The Mia Foundation, has had birds her entire life. When she met Herman, she knew that he belonged with her, if only she could save his life.

Herman was weak, unable to eat on his own. He couldn’t even lift his little head up. Sue and her husband tube-fed him around the clock for the first several days he was home with them. The two human guardian angels fell in love with Herman instantly. And Herman miraculously pulled through! He had an obvious head tilt and managed to get around in an “odd” manner. Sadly, however, the little pigeon warrior could no longer fly.

Amazingly, Herman found a new purpose in life. Pigeons get a bad rap but Sue explains in the video that they are highly intelligent creatures. Herman isn’t just smart, he is incredibly loving. He found his calling as a surrogate parent to the puppies Sue fosters. Where there’s a tiny puppy who needs taking care of, there’s Herman. The little bird has so much love in his heart, it’s incredible. His story is so unique! Thank you Sue and hubby for opening up your home, and hearts, to Herman. Seeing him with these puppies is too darn cute!

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