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She ‘Snored’ Through Her First Safe Sleep Since Ex-Owner Tried To Kill Her 3-Times

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Molly has endured a challenging life. She was abandoned by her owner, who made three murder attempts on her. Only a skin condition kept her from escaping her life of misery. Being ignored caused her to start losing her hair, but it was nothing that some medication couldn’t remedy.

Image/Story Source Credit: Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video

She has finished with all of her awful times. In her first peaceful slumber following Sidewalk Specials’ rescue, Molly snored. She could finally get a nice night’s sleep now that she knows she won’t ever be beaten.

Molly seemed to be a completely different dog today. She had treatments for her skin issue, and her lovely white furs all began to grow back. Since being adopted, she has had a grin on her face constantly.

Image/Story Source Credit: Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video

When Molly’s mother first laid eyes on her, she felt an immediate connection. She knew she had to open herself up and let this adorable girl pup into her life. Molly now has a pillowy bed to sleep in and canine siblings to play with.

You’re going to LOVE to watch Molly’s INCREDIBILE transformation in the video below. And, be sure to watch it ALL the way until the end, it’s truly AMAZING! ❤️

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  1. I would love to get my hands on the Effing “subhuman” piece of “trash” original owner, just one go at killing him would do, look at that “lovely” dog, how could anybody want to harm “molly”, or any dog/animal for that matter, I have deep , with “venum” “hatred” for dog/animal abusers, they do not deserve to be on this “planet”, I am glad “molly” is now happy, jim from u k