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Dog Stepped Off Plane And Sees Her Humans Again After Being Lost For 2-Years

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Gregory and Victoria Hudler, both veterans, had been looking for their beloved emotional support dog, Jodie, for the past two years. When Victoria delivered her first child, they entrusted Jodie to a family member without the Hudlers’ consent.

Someone allegedly purchased their dog from a family member without permission.

Image/Story Source Credit: Wings of Rescue via Facebook video

The Hudlers were crushed, and they clung to the hope that they would see Jodie again. However, as time went on, it appeared that the likelihood of seeing her again was becoming increasingly slim.

However, things changed when they got a call from the shelter in Tennessee two years later saying Jodie had been discovered there. It’s unclear how she ended up there, but her microchip aided the Hudlers in identifying her because of their information on it.

Image/Story Source Credit: Wings of Rescue via Facebook video

Wings of Rescue, an organization that flies at-risk pets from disaster areas and overcrowded shelters to shelters with more room where the animals are guaranteed safety, stepped in to help reunite Jodie with her humans.

They picked up the puppy from a shelter in Knoxville, where she would board their 130 dog transport from Mississippi to reconnect with her family in New Jersey.

Image/Story Source Credit: Wings of Rescue via Facebook video

Jodie’s family was there to greet her when she arrived home. You’re going to love to watch their emotional reunion in the video below:

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