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Dan Levy Is Heartbroken After His Rescue Dog’s Tragic Death

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Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy has always been a proud rescue dog advocate. After adopting his pup named Redmond 10 years ago, the actor has shared many posts encouraging others to adopt a dog in need. He knows how many amazing pups are out there looking for forever homes.

But 2022 didn’t start well for Levy. Redmond passed away in late January, leaving Levy heartbroken and unsure of how to cope. He posted an adorable tribute to honor the senior pup, showing one of the sweetest photos of them together. Redmond was definitely a lucky dog!

Rescue Dogs are the Best

Levy adopted the Dachshund/Corgi mix in 2012 when the pup was four years old. Someone mistreated poor Redmond and then abandoned him at an adoption fair. Levy knew that he had to show the heartbroken dog what true love is like.

“Finding him was the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” Levy wrote on Instagram. “If you are looking for a pet, first make sure you’ve thought it through and that you have the means to care for them properly, then please please please consider adopting. There are so many animals just waiting for a better life.”

Levy regularly posted photos of Redmond, whose nickname was Red, on social media. He described the pooch as his best pal and “the only one that really matters.” Thanks to Levy’s kind heart, Redmond got to experience the incredible life he deserved. The pup even attended a Vogue interview with his dad.

“He’s very calm and level-headed. Qualities that I strive for every day of my life,” Levy said.

Rest in Peace, Redmond

Even though Redmond was about 14 years old when he passed, Levy was still shocked and devastated. He had been so close to the pup, and he couldn’t imagine life without him. He turned to Instagram to share the difficult news.

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“Last week I lost my best friend. Heartbroken but grateful for every minute of the last ten years that I got to spend with him. I love you, my sweet boy,” Levy wrote on Instagram.

In the farewell post, Levy shared an adorable photo of him hugging Redmond. Both of them look like they’re smiling at the camera with the cutest poses. Many celebrities commented to share their condolences, including his Schitt’s Creek co-star Emily Hampshire.

Rest in peace, Redmond. You brought so much love to the humans in your life.

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