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Bonded Senior Dogs Left At Shelter By Family Seek Loving Home For The Holidays

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The search is on to find a loving home in Idaho willing to take in two bonded 12-year-old dogs.

Kelso, a border collie, and Yukon, a Siberian husky, are hoping to find for a forever home for the holidays. The dogs were surrendered to Twin Falls Animal Shelter just before Christmas.

According to the shelter, the family said they were moving.

Dogs would never abandon a member of their pack but the same cannot be said of all humans. Shelter followers are heartbroken and angry at the family.

One wrote, “How in the hell can people do that!🤬”

The poor dogs must be wondering where their family is and what they did wrong to end up at the shelter. They deserve to spend their golden years with a family who will cherish them.

All they have right now is each other and they must be adopted together.

They are well-mannered, good with cats and other dogs, and love people of all ages. The gentle souls are in good health and just want a soft bed and home to call their own.

Wills Toyota, a local family-owned car dealership, offered to cover the adoption fees to help them find a home for the holidays.

“They need a forever home to retire in and still have a lot of life and love to share with a new family,” wrote the dealership.

Anyone interested in adopting the sweet pair are asked to call Twin Falls Animal Shelter at 208-736-2299.

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