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Jimmy Stewart’s Poem About His Dead Dog Broke Our Hearts Into A Million Pieces

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Actor Jimmy Stewart was one of the most celebrated actors of his time, who enthralled us with classics like “It’s A Wonderful Life”, “Rear Window”, and “Vertigo”. He is also a veteran of World War 2 and the Vietnam War. In a 1981 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, we got to see an emotional side of Jimmy as he talked at length about his deceased Golden Retriever named Beau.

Source: Johnny Carson/YouTube | PxHere

Jimmy was very fond of Beau. The sweet dog would always crawl into Jimmy’s bed and demand him to stroke his hair and pat his head. One day, Jimmy was shooting in Arizona when suddenly he got a call about Beau falling terminally ill. Jimmy took several days of leave and immediately rushed home to be with Beau during his final moments.

Years passed by but Jimmy was never able to get over the pain and bereavement over losing his best buddy. He channeled his intense feelings for Beau in a poem called “I’ll Never Forget a Dog Named Beau”, which he narrated on this show.

Source: Johnny Carson/YouTube

You must keep your volume up as you hear Jimmy narrate his poignant piece on Beau. It is a beautiful ode to his dog, and talks about all the good times that he shared with him. Towards the end, we were bawling our eyes out when Jimmy accurately described the maddening emptiness we feel after losing a beloved pet. Thank you Jimmy, for writing this beautiful, tearful poem!

Click the video below to watch Jimmy Stewart read his emotional poem for his deceased dog. Please keep tissues handy.

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