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Shelter Dog Moves Into New Home And Adorably ‘Freaks Out’ When She Notices A New Pool In The Backyard

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Dog Gets A New Home And Freaks Out, When She Sees What’s In Her Backyard

Dogs are amazing! They appreciate things that we often take for granted. Sometimes they don’t just appreciate them, they totally freak out! You know what I’m talking about. They get all jumpy and screechy. And have those epic tail wags. Well, that is exactly what happened when this Westie saw her new home in Florida.

Christy and her dad have moved into a new home in a new state. And while it can be stressful, it can also be a huge adventure. Christy is uncertain. Will she like her new neighbors? Will the dogs at the dog park be nice to her? Ultimately, though, it comes down to one thing for her. Will she have that epic backyard she has been dreaming about?

Once Christy looks out the back doors, she loses it. But in a good way! Can you guess why she’s so excited? It’s paw-recious! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this video and you want to watch it all the way through (and then repeat it because it’s that good!) This is exactly why I LOVE DOGS SO MUCH! Don’t be cruel and keep this to yourself… share share share!

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