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Stray Puppy With Natural Human-Like Eyebrows Finds A Forever Home

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Some humans spend a lot of time making sure they have perfectly shaped eyebrows. However, for Betty the rescue dog, her beautiful eyebrows aren’t high-maintenance at all. At first glance, they might appear fake, but she was actually born that way. Sadly, she was rejected by her first parents due to her unusual appearance, but she has grown so much since then and she’s embraced her beautiful coloring.

When she was only five months old, Betty was found wandering the streets on a cold winter day in Bratsk, Russia. A local shelter took her in to save her from the cold. When they first saw her human-like eyebrows, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They had never seen anything like it before.

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The shelter employees tried to wash the eyebrows off, but as it turned out, they were just a part of Betty’s fur coloring. A vet decided that she must be part Husky because the eyebrows were a sign of that lineage.

Betty quickly gained popularity for her unique look. The shelter fell in love with her, and they knew that her unique feature didn’t hold her back from being a happy and healthy pup.

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A Home for Betty

The shelter posted photos of Betty online to help her gain some attention. These adorable photos caught Oksana Maymsina’s eyes right away, and she knew that she had to adopt this sweet puppy. Betty only had to spend a total of 5 days in the shelter thanks to her generous new mom.

At the shelter, Betty was initially named Frida after Frida Kahlo, an artist who also had very distinct eyebrows. However, Masymsina felt that the name Betty suited her better.

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Betty has quickly adjusted to her new home, and she is happy to have finally found a loving family. She already knows some basic commands, and she has been getting along well with her new cat sibling.

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“I am the happiest [parent] of the coolest dog ever. She even knows two commands: sit and come here,” said Maymsina. “I got a bunch of toys for her. She sleeps on the bed.”

The vets have said that the eyebrows are similar to a birthmark. This means that they will likely fade over the years, but they will never fully disappear.

Maymsina is very proud of Betty’s unique appearance, and she loves sharing photos of her beautiful dog. Betty is so happy to have finally found a mom that loves her, and she is glad that she will never be left alone on the cold streets again.

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