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Foster Dog Missing 1,200 Miles From Home Gets A Miracle

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Even though Murphy the rescue dog didn’t have a forever family when he went missing, he still had lots of support. He escaped from his foster family when they were about 1,200 miles away from home. For about a month, the poor pup was alone and scared. But sadly, he was used to the loneliness.

However, his foster family wants to ensure that he never feels lonely again. So, with the help of kind strangers, they went above and beyond to bring their beloved foster dog home. And on top of everything, Murphy is finally getting the forever family of his dreams!

Image: Brooklyn Reid Richardson Facebook

Murphy’s Second Chance

2-year-old Murphy is a mix between a Miniature Pinscher and a German Shepherd. When he arrived at a Texas shelter, he was set to be euthanized because he tested positive for heartworm. But Little Dog Rescue of North Texas took him in and paid for his heartworm treatment. Then, Brooklyn Richardson’s family fostered him through the rescue.

“Murphy is very shy and hesitant because of his past, but he’s also the gentlest soul,” Richardson said. “Once he gets to know you, he’ll eat right from your hands.”

Image: Brooklyn Reid Richardson Facebook

Murphy quickly formed a close bond with Richardson and her family. So, she brought him along on a family hiking trip to Minnesota. During the trip, he got startled and ran off with his leash still attached. Richardson stayed in Minnesota for three days to search for Murphy, but she had no success. So, she headed back to Texas with a broken heart.

Thanks to social media, Richardson was able to connect with people in Minnesota to help her continue Murphy’s search. Someone even helped her print and send out flyers in the area. People set up cameras, held stakeouts, and even tried luring him with meat. After a month, all the hard work paid off.

Image: Brooklyn Reid Richardson Facebook

Home with a Forever Family

Richardson was ecstatic when she heard the good news. She flew back to Minnesota to bring Murphy home. The poor pup had lost three pounds, making him severely underweight. He also had some minor cuts and bruises. But weight can be gained back, and injuries can heal. What’s more important is that Murphy is alive and safe.

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Since then, Richardson’s family has updated Murphy’s microchip with their personal information. They decided to adopt him and make him a permanent family member.

Image: Brooklyn Reid Richardson Facebook

“He’s now our forever foster,” Richardson said. “He’s coming home.”

Murphy was so happy when he saw Richardson again after being lost for so long. Now, thanks to the family’s kindness, he will be surrounded by comfort and love for the rest of his life.

Image: Brooklyn Reid Richardson Facebook
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