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Dog In A Wheelchair Travels All Over The Country With His Photographer Dad

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Everyone, meet Mel–a dog in a wheelchair who travels across the country together with his photographer dad.

Now who would’ve thought that a dog who could barely walk would end up traveling all over the country?

Mel, an 8-year-old Pit Bull, was adopted from the Yonkers Animal Shelter by his dad, Tom Dilworth.

Tom told The Dodo, “We went to the Yonkers Animal Shelter to see another dog when we noticed Mel. I had stopped for a moment when he then placed his head on my leg. Well, that was it!”

Mel wasn’t in the wheelchair that time. It was only after Tom adopted Mel that he noticed that there was something wrong with his balance, and it was getting worse.

It turns out that Mel has a neurological disease that affects his balance. The disease is not painful for Mel, but it does make it a little difficult to get around.

So to make moving around easier for Mel, his humans gave him a wheelchair. Thanks to Eddie’s Wheels for Pets!

With Mel’s wheelchair, he can walk and run around with his parents.

Here’s a video of Mel walking in his wheelchair for the very first time!

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Now that that Mel has a wheelchair, he can travel across the country with his dad.

And he’s definitely loving it. Mel enjoys tagging along with his dad wherever he goes.

And since his dad is a professional photographer, he gets to go to beautiful, scenic places!

Even though Mel loves walking in his wheelchair, he also enjoys getting a free ride!

And one thing is for sure, Mel is loving his life.

So you see, shelter dogs are not broken. And they all need a chance at having a loving family and a happy life.

For more beautiful photos of Mel and his dad, follow them on Instagram.

You can also read more about Mel’s story at The Dodo.

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