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Next To Be Euthanized, Dakota Got A Second Chance And Makeover

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At Forever Fido, they try to save as many dogs as possible from high-kill shelters. Sadly, many dogs end up in that situation due to neglectful owners. That was the case with Dakota.

She spent her entire life as a matted mess. Never groomed once! Her coat was infested with fleas, ticks and excrement. She couldn’t even walk. She carried around more extra weight than she weighed herself!

BUT Dakota was saved! She was at the top of the euthanasia list but thanks to her heroes from Forever Fido, she got a second chance!

As the volunteers began to groom her, and get rid of the layers of undercoat, Dakota began to smile! She knew that the volunteers were helping her. When she had the chance to walk around, she didn’t even know how! She was so used to all that weight on her legs that she had to relearn how to take proper steps.

It’s amazing what some faith and a pair of scissors can do!

See Dakota’s beautiful story here! The beginning to her new life is now full of love and kindness!

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