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Toddler Sneaks Out Of Bed In Middle Of Night To Cuddle Up Next To Best Friend

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Soon after Paige Knudtson learned she was pregnant with her son Finn, she wound up adopting a two-year-old Boxer named Brutus from a nearby shelter.

Finn was extremely affectionate and loved to cuddle with everyone he met.

Zoo Land/Youtube

Knudtson had a good feeling that he would be the perfect best friend with Finn once he grew older.

Sadly, Finn was born with a serious heart defect and needed multiple procedures after his birth until he was able to have open-heart surgery.

Zoo Land/Youtube

Thankfully, seven weeks later, Finn was finally able to go home and meet his big doggy brother for the first time.

“Once we got home, it was as if Brutus jut knew Finn needed some extra close monitors, and he has been by his side ever since,” Knudtson said.

Zoo Land/Youtube

Brutus always sleeps in Finn’s room in his own bed on the floor, but one night Finn wanted to sleep down there with him.

When Knudtson checked the surveillance camera in Finn’s room, her heart melted at what she saw.

Zoo Land/Youtube

In the middle of the night, Finn decided to sneak off his bed and join Brutus in his on the floor. Finn snuggled up next to Brutus and fell sound asleep with his blanket and best friend.

Watch the adorable moment in the video below:

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