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Senior Dog Adopts Kitten That Was Abandoned In A Hollowed-Out Log

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What would you do if you hear a tiny little kitten meowing for help? Delaware-based Morgan McKenzie was on her property when she discovered a hollowed-out log that had a little gray and white kitten inside. It was crying for help. McKenzie left the kitten where she’d found it, thinking that the mom would return.

However, as night approached, she went out to the log once more to check on the kitten and found it still completely alone. That is when she finally realized that the kitten was in need of help.

McKenzie said to The Dodo, “When it started to get dark, we went back to make sure she was gone, but we could still hear her little cries. I was so glad we picked her up because I don’t think she would have made it. She was only a day or two old. She couldn’t see, her ears were still folded and she was starving.”

McKenzie decided to name the sweet little thing Polly, after Polly Pocket since she was so tiny she could fit in her pocket. Poor little Polly was riddled with fleas, so McKenzie decided to give the tiny kitten a bath in the sink. Curious as to the commotion, McKenzie’s 12-year-old Lab, Paxton, came over to investigate.

McKenzie revealed, “Paxton got to meet Polly right after her bath. He fell in love with her at first because he got to clean her after every bottle feed and she loved it because she didn’t know any different.”

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It didn’t take long for the two to bond, with the big dog licking the tiny kitten. It was so precious how well he looked after her.

“She used to stand as still as possible until she could hear his footsteps,” McKenzie shared. “She would go bolting over to where she thought she heard him.”

“I don’t think she ever knew any better so Polly thinks this is all just normal,” McKenzie said. “She grooms him, he grooms her. I don’t think she knows she is a cat.”

The two have become inseparable and spend all their time together – either cuddling on the couch, playing, or eating. And they look so cute together.

Since being rescued, Polly has grown a bit and is now 5 months old, while Paxton is almost at the 13-year mark. Regardless of their big age difference, these two friends are still as close as ever. With Polly now a playful kitten, this old pooch is showing that he’s got the patience to spare in spades – which is probably a good thing.

As McKenzie said, “The two of them still adore each other. She’s becoming more of the pesky little sister who loves to follow him around and attack the toys he is playing with.”

You can keep up with the dynamic duo on their shared Instagram page, Polly and Pax.

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