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Family’s Dog Emerges From Rubble A Day After Deadly Tornado Ravaged Their Home

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One person died and dozens were injured after a tornado swept through parts of Alabama. Hundreds of people lost their homes and others lost beloved pets.

The Williams family was sadly one of those who lost their home in Fultondale after it was ravage by the EF-3 twister. But losing their home seemed like nothing compared to the pain they felt when they couldn’t find their dog, Smokey.


The family rushed out of the home as the tornado swept closer, and parts of their home began to fall down on them. They were trapped underneath debris for nearly twenty minutes until their neighbors came to help them.

The family sought safety at a nearby tornado shelter, but unfortunately couldn’t find Smokey.


The following day, the Williams family went back to where their home once stood and began searching through the debris for their furry best friend.

Miraculously, Smokey rose from the rubble unharmed. Williams grabbed him by his coat and pulled him out of the shattered wood and metals, which was what was left of their basement.


Once Smokey was free, he pranced around the grass, so happy and relieved to be rescued and reunited with his family.

“We’re a little bruised and scraped up, but other than that, God had his mighty hand on us,” Williams told AJC.

Watch Smokey’s rescue in the video below.

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