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Scared dog spent days on ledge of 120-foot bridge, until worker came to her rescue

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A loose dog ended up in the most dangerous place imaginable recently—but thanks to a heroic rescue has survived to get a second chance.

According to WLBT, a dog was found stranded on near the ledge of the Westbound Bridge over the Mississippi River in Natchez, 120 feet above the water.

The poor dog was stuck and could’ve easily fell to its death… but luckily, she was discovered by bridge inspectors, who quickly called the police.

Then, rescue technician Ryan Nataluk decided to climb over and rescue the dog himself.

It was a long, terrifying ordeal for the poor dog, but she calmed down knowing she was in safe hands.

“I went down there, gave her some water, patted her on her head, just kind of talk calmly to her and the dog was great,” Nataluk told WLBT. “She had been there for a while; probably a couple days.”

“She was probably cold and everything, but when we brought her up her demeanor changed greatly, she seem certainly happy, she was sniffing around wagging her tail, she definitely was happy.”

Nataluk was the hero of the day… but it turns out, he didn’t just save one life. A vet checkup revealed that the dog was pregnant with puppies!

And the story has a happy ending for the dog: she now has a forever home. A local man adopted her and named the dog Bridgette.

We’re so glad this dog is safe and in a new home! Thanks to this brave bridge technician for saving her! Share this great news!

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