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Pregnant Dog Poses Proudly For Her Maternity Photo Shoot

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Expectant mothers often celebrate their journey to motherhood with a special maternity photo shoot. Recently, Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo, who regularly takes portraits of families, was asked by her friend to take photos of her pregnant dog, Lilica, and the results are so sweet!

Lilica seems to be “aglow” like many expectant mothers, smiling and posing for the camera like she’s been modelling her whole life.

The photo shoot only took a few minutes and the little dog made some sensational poses, as you will see in the photos below.

The very next day, Lilica gave birth to 5 healthy puppies; they were all adopted into members of the family.

Grillo also works with pets when volunteering for animal rescue. As fortunate as it is that Lilica comes from a home that loves and cherishes her, it’s also important to remind pet owners to spay and neuter their pets, not only for the animals’ health, but to help reduce the number of unwanted pets, who may not be as lucky as Lilica and her pups!

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