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Beautiful Dog Was Abandoned After He Could No Longer Walk

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A dog named Pumba lived most of his life not knowing what love was. His former “family” had used him for breeding, but they never treated him like he was a family member. Instead, they continued to breed him as much as they could. He hadn’t been allowed to go for walks and play with dogs, so he eventually lost mobility in his legs. Sadly, his humans no longer had a use for him in their breeding business. They abandoned him, despite his inability to move on his own. Poor Pumba was scared, lonely, and confused. But luckily, help was on the way.

Image: Screenshot, Animal Aid Unlimited YouTube

Pumba’s Second Chance

Animal Aid Unlimited in India was alerted to Pumba’s location. They rushed to save him without hesitation. It took many volunteers to carry the gentle giant from one place to the next, but Pumba was definitely worth it. The organization was determined to get him back on his feet.

The first step for Pumba’s road to recovery was hydrotherapy. It seemed like the poor pup had never even gone for walks before because he had no muscle tone at all. So, he had to be introduced to exercise slowly. Staff members held him in the water as he paddled his legs. This helped him build up strength in his muscles.

Image: Screenshot, Animal Aid Unlimited YouTube

Eventually, all Pumba’s hard work paid off. In fact, he seemed to enjoy being in the water. Although, he loved attention more than anything else. Through his journey, he quickly learned what it felt like to be cared for.

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Walking Again!

After about 6 weeks, Pumba learned to walk around on his own. He still needed a little help getting up, but once he was on his feet, he could move just like any other dog. He only continued to improve from there.

Image: Screenshot, Animal Aid Unlimited YouTube

The staff at the shelter believe that Pumba has also never played with another dog before. The more he walked around, the more curious he seemed around the other dogs. But whenever a dog tried to play with him, he didn’t know how to react. However, he still seemed happy to be there. Every new experience was exciting for him, no matter how small.

Despite Pumba’s incredible recovery, he still doesn’t have a forever home. The shelter wants to make sure he finds a family that’s perfect for him. His new family will promise to never keep him chained up again. They should also be able to give him at least two hours of exercise and playtime each day to help him stay healthy. Pumba has been through so much, so he deserves a family that will treat him like royalty.

Image: Screenshot, Animal Aid Unlimited YouTube

If you live in India, please consider adopting Pumba. Even if you live somewhere else, the organization still encourages everyone to adopt a dog. Adoption can save lives for dogs like Pumba!

Watch his Incredible Journey Here:

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