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Woman Finds 2 Dead Puppies Tied Up In Dog Food Bags A Few Days Apart

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A woman out walking in Dinuba, California made a gruesome discovery recently. She noticed a large dog food bag and felt like she knew exactly what was going to be inside them.

“I have found, unfortunately, two puppies approximately eight weeks old on the side of the road tied up in gigantic dog food bags,” Michelle Pattillo said.

She took photos of the bag and the deceased puppy inside. She took the pup home to provide him with a decent burial and reported the incident to authorities.

Sadly, a few days later Michelle made the same discovery. She saw another dog food bag with animal remains inside. A third bag was discovered not long after but was torn and empty.

“It makes me really angry but then sad for the puppy because my feeling is that puppy was alive when they put it in that bag, or else why would they have tied it?” Michelle shared.

Tulare County Animal Services representative Cassie Heffington says sometimes puppies die from parvo and people don’t know how to dispose of them.

For Michelle Pattillo, she finds these incidents unacceptable.


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