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NASA Astronaut Sneaks His Pets Into Official Photo

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It’s not every day that NASA allows animals in their astronaut’s official photographs. In fact, it’s actually something they never do. This portrait has been circulating the internet for about a year now and is making the rounds on social media again, and we totally understand why.

In fact, people have checked with NASA’s imagery team and were unable to find any other photos with pets in them.

So who’s in this special picture? Retired astronaut Leland Melvin took a little sneaking around to get his two rescue dogs, Jake and Scout, into the photo. The photo was taken back in 2009 at the Johnson Space Center and has been floating around the world wide web bringing joy and smiles to everyone. In fact, some are even viewing it as a symbol of hope.

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We think it’s a great photo and one that deserves recognition! Here we have an incredible man – an astronaut and rescuer all in one person. His job isn’t easy and it’s important, and his smile is truly contagious as his two pups show just how much they love their dad.

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