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Life Is A Daily Struggle For Special Needs Dog Who Is Diagnosed With Dog-Autism

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Stanley the abandoned Golden Retriever was dozing off on the dining table in his foster home when his new forever parents saw him for the first time. The visitors fell in love with the adorable boy and adopted him right away. However, they soon realized something unsettling about Stanley – he was painfully slow and had no sense of judgment.

Having raised Golden Retrievers before, Stanley’s parents knew that this breed responds well to training. While Stanley was exceptionally cuddly and affectionate, he turned out to be a mess with training. Over the months, 2 experienced dog trainers gave up on him as he would never understand any command except for “Sit”, and could barely recognize his own name.

A visibly distressed Stanley would obsess over a stuffed toy and a remote control all day, and his parents wondered if he was sick or plain stubborn. To make matters worse, the pup began doing things that endangered himself several times a day just because he was “too dull” to consider his own safety.

Seeing Stanley’s inability to look out for himself, his parents reached out to behavioral experts in desperation. But it was only after an IQ test that the truth came to the forefront – Stanley suffered from doggie autism. The IQ test included crawling out from under a blanket and grabbing a treat, and poor Stanley had failed to even make it out of the blanket.

The concerned parents understandably had a hard time processing the diagnosis of their differently-abled boy, which was likely caused by irresponsible inbreeding. But by now, they loved Stanley dearly and were willing to go the extra mile to make life more comfortable for him. With love and patience, Stanley’s parents ignored his training disasters and started working toward keeping him safe and happy.

The pooch loved his humans unconditionally, and this special needs cutie actually started looking forward to keeping his parents entertained with his quirky antics! Today, Stanley is living life to the fullest, and he means the world to his parents who never gave up on him. For Stanley, love did triumph all odds!

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Click the video below to watch sweet Stanley enjoying his cozy cuddle time with his human.

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Squishy face cuddles with Stanley

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