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Bait Dog Dumped In Container At Shelter

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An emaciated three-year-old female dog covered in open wounds was dumped in a container outside a shelter. There were old and new wounds covering her massively swollen head. It was obvious that this innocent dog was used as a bait dog.

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs stepped up to help save the sweet girl. The shelter that found the dog informed their cruelty department that is now investigating. Dog fighting is illegal and a felony in all 50 states, but that does not mean that monsters do not still do it.

The rescue immediately brought her to an emergency hospital to begin treatment. They took to Facebook to inform their followers of the devastating situation. They posted, “Bunny arrived to the hospital yesterday afternoon at about 2pm. Her medical team was able to get her temperature up, she was very anemic, weak and wounded. She required an emergency blood transfusion, provided by rescue dog , Crawford, I guess he’s her maker now. She is loaded with worms, had explosive diarrhea. Her various wounds (NEW AND OLD) are consistent with being used as a bait dog. The major concern right now is that some of those wounds are so necrotic that she is septic, she is getting hit hard with antibiotics to get that contained.”

It broke everyone’s heart to see the sweet girl in such pain. “Her condition is very upsetting and had the shelter very shook up yesterday. We continuously wonder why people choose to own animals and treat them this way……….. no animal deserves what has happened to Bunny.”

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They named her Bunny and continued to post updates and ask for donations to cover her medical care. Even though she is in pain, she knows she is finally safe and remains cooperative and sweet.

The antibiotics seem to be working and her face swelling has started to go down. An update was posted stating, “Right now the plan is to treat the sepsis alongside all of the necrotic tissue around the head and laser the wounds on her legs. The Tail, which has exposed bone, is an entirely different ball game, she may have to have it amputated.”

Bunny has suffered immensely and this is the first time she has experienced a gentle touch. The past three years of being attacked by other dogs has taken a toll on her body. The medical team is hoping to amputate her tail next because it is unrepairable.

She is expected to be in the hospital for a long time. Her open wounds need to be treated, as well as her malnourished body. She arrived with all her ribs showing. Aside from the physical injuries, she will need to learn to trust humans again. Although, her wonderful medical team is helping to restore her faith in mankind.

“Bunny is 3 years old and our hopes are that once she gets through this nightmare, when can get her a home with loving people as all pets should have. There is a monster who did this to her out there lingering in society and we hope the cruelty division finds them.”

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