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Infant Baby Falls Asleep In His Goldendoodle’s Paws & The World Falls In Love

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Samson is an adorable Goldendoodle who hails from Brooklyn, New York. Most days, Samson can be found sharing his daily adventures on Instagram, where he has almost 700,000 followers.

Recently, though, Samson’s owners, Jessica and Alex, posted a video of their darling Doodle with their infant son, Theo. The video has almost 100,000 views and features two of the Internet’s favorite topics: babies and dogs.

In the video, little Theo is seen in a precious onesie as he snuggles tightly with his furry best pal, Samson. The bond between baby and pooch is evident, as the dog seems to love cuddling his human close to his heart.

In a day and age when most of us are on stay-home orders and trying to deal with a “new normal,” this video is exactly what we need to see right now.

Jessica and Alex shared the video with the caption, “Goodnight. Sleep tight. Love the OG. XO Samson.”

Enjoy this special moment by pressing play on the video below. Sweet dreams!

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