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Beautiful dog goes viral for looking just like a fox

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If there’s one thing we love most about social media, it’s how beautiful animal photos there are out there. Some pets are so unique and striking that they go viral with their own Instagram accounts.

Like one gorgeous dog… who, at first glance, you might mistake for a different animal altogether.

A dog named Mya, who lives with her owner Dave Lasio in South Florida, is what’s known as a “Pomsky,” a cross between a Pomeranian and a Husky.

And as a result, this dog bears a striking resemblance to a fox:

Not only that, she also has the most gorgeous blue eyes:

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Can I have some pizza dad? ??? #LakeTahoe

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Mya first got the internet’s attention three years ago when a photo of her went viral on Reddit.

Many users agreed she resembled a fox—others made comparisons to the Mozilla Firefox logo and a fire-type Pokemon.

Now she has her own Instagram with over 55,000 followers, with photos showing this beautiful dog’s adventures around the world.

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And while she may look like a sly fox…

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…she’s 100% a good dog:

We love this beautiful dog! Follow more of her adventures on Instagram. Share this story!

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