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Sausage Dog And Her 6 Mini Sausages Pose For A Family Photoshoot

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If you think newborn photo shoots are adorable, wait until you get a load of a dog’s version! Courtesy of Belinda Sol Photography, this sausage family has raised the bar. Take a look at the proud Dachshund Mom posing with her six puppies in the cutest photo series yet!

(c) Belinda Sol Photography Texas, USA

Those little knitted caps <3

(c) Belinda Sol Photography Texas, USA

All snug as a bug in a rug!

(c) Belinda Sol Photography Texas, USA

Gotta get that beauty sleep. After all, it’s a rough life being an adorable pup! ?

(c) Belinda Sol Photography Texas, USA

Serious Cuteness Overload. Let’s hope this catches on so we can see even more newborn doggy family photos! ?

I think this post could cure any bad day. Do you have a shot of your pup you want to share with us? Post it in the comment section in honor of Mia and her kids!

Check out more of Belinda Sol Photography on their Instagram page ?

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