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Joey King Says Heartbreaking Goodbye To Best Friend of Nearly 16 Years

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Joey King, star of The Kissing Booth, recently took to Instagram to announce the passing of her dog, Charlie. The heartwrenching post was all too relatable for dog parents around the world.

“I had to say goodbye to my little man today. Charlie was my goofy sidekick for 15 and a half years and I’m so thankful for it. I love you Charlie forever and ever. I’ll miss you and your warm cuddles always.”


King included a slideshow of pictures showing her precious relationship with Charlie over the years. It’s evident that Charlie was truly by her side since she was a little girl. As you probably know, there’s nothing quite like the bond between children and their pups.

Charlie And King Literally Grew Up Alongside Eachother

With Charlie being nearly 16 years old, that means King and Charlie have been sidekicks since King was about 5. Charlie has been at the center of her world from Kindergarten and the simple days of childhood all the way through her rise to stardom.


Sweet little Charlie was by her side while she celebrated birthdays, navigated her first heartbreaks, and launched her career. He even took part in photoshoots! Charlie was the truest definition of a best friend.


People From Around The World Have Expressed Their Condolences

King received tons of support from fans and fellow celebrities. The post has gained nearly 3,000,000 likes as comments of condolences continue to pour in.

Millie Bobby Brown, best known as Eleven from The Stranger Things shared her sympathy.

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“I’m so sorry Joey. its so unbelievably hard [heart emoji].”

Even Katy Perry chimed in. She knows the feeling all too well as she recently had to say goodbye to her own doggo.

“I didn’t wanna like this cause I don’t like this [sad emoji] [heartbroken emoji].

Saying goodbye to a family member is never easy. Take one look at King’s Instagram and it’s apparent that she has a deep love for all dogs.


King’s Love For Dogs Runs Deep

In addition to Charlie, King is a proud dog mom to Angel, a tiny Yorkie, who she spends a lot of her time with. There’s also Dallas, an adorable Golden Retriever with a distinguished white snout. Plus there’s an adorable floppy-eared guy that makes an adorable appearance every once in a while.


The loss of Charlie will surely be felt for a long time. Luckily King has other doggos to help her grieve. After all, puppy snuggles are often the best medicine for a broken heart.


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