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German Shepherd Shot In Head Seeks Animal Rescue For Help

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Jane the German Shepherd has a strong will to live. Not long ago, she was stuck in a home where she wasn’t loved. When she tried to chew on the baby’s toys and clothes, the dad was furious with her. He shot her in the head and left her alone to die. Poor Jane was in pain for about three days, but she knew it wasn’t the end for her. She got up and walked a half mile to the home of the president of the Animal Aid of Branch County. Wayne and Sally Geer said that the 3-year-old dog came right up to them as if she knew where she was going. When they got a better look at her, they saw that the bullet was still lodged in her skull.

Caring for Jane

Wayne and Sally rushed Jane to the vet, where they confirmed that she had been shot. Even with the bullet in her head, she still refused to give up. The couple was in awe of the pup’s bravery, so that’s when they named her G.I. Jane.

“We didn’t know her name at the time, so the vet put on the paperwork ‘Jane Doe,’ which cracked us up,” Sally said. “Then Wayne said, ‘No, she took a bullet to the head and managed to survive it, so she’s G.I. Jane.”

What Happened to Jane’s Old Family?

21-year-old Alex Carr is the one responsible for shooting the pup. This was confirmed after an interview was held with a man named Jerry Haylett. Haylett said that he heard two gun shots a few weeks ago and then the yelp of a dog. He went to investigate, and he found Jane lying in pool of blood at the time. Her body was covered in a tarp.

From there, Jane had somehow found the courage to get up and make her way to a safer location. Haylett said he later received calls that Jane was walking up the road, and she seemed unbalanced. Carr’s girlfriend also confirmed that Jane was Carr’s dog, and she explained that the pup was never violent toward anyone in the family.

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After all this, Carr admitted to shooting Jane. He is now faced with a four-year felony charge for animal cruelty. He will appear in court on August 17th. Carr getting arrested won’t help Jane recover, but it will help serve her justice. Now, she will finally get to be with a new family that will give her the love she deserves.

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