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Pup Who Went Missing From Home A Month Ago Is Found In 18-Ft Deep Drainpipe

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A Good Samaritan heard a dog crying for help in an 18-foot deep drainpipe on the UC Santa Barbara campus, and immediately contacted the Santa Barbara County Fire Department for assistance.

The dog, named Sophie, went missing from her nearby home a month prior. It’s unknown how she ended up in the drainpipe, but reports say she was stuck down there for at least three days.

The Urban Search and Rescue team, along with local firefighters, quickly showed up to the scene.

The firefighters carefully lowered themselves into the drain, but the dog was afraid and didn’t want to go near them.

They used a hose to coax the dog to the firemen. Once she was in their arms, she was no longer afraid and knew they were there to save her.

Thanks to the person who found her and the amazing rescue efforts of the fire crew, Sophie is now safe and has been reunited with her family.

Watch her rescue below:

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