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Former Hairless, Starving Stray Lives A Completely Different Life Now

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On the streets of Dumaguete in the Philippines, an extremely thin hairless dog wandered alone. The pup suffered from mange, a condition caused by mites burrowing into a dog’s skin. Dogs like this poor girl affected by mange scratch constantly, which leads to bald patches, inflammation, sores, and scabs.

As if that wasn’t enough, the poor dog had a broken leg, leaving her hobbling around. This dog needed help, and stat. In June of 2020, Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary saved her and rushed the scared pup (later named Peanut) to the vet.

Paws 4 Hope/YouTube

Even though she was scared and confused, Peanut showed signs of wanting human affection. She also had an appetite, which her rescuers saw as a great sign. Clearly Peanut needed some food in her belly.

Vets estimated that Peanut was around 8 months old.

Paws 4 Hope/YouTube

Fortunately, mange and broken bones are both treatable conditions. Two regular fosters with Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary, Mike and Joy, also volunteered to take Peanut in. DAS wrote on Facebook:

“Mike and Joy will foster Peanut in a few days time so we can try and keep her safe from disease. Her immune system is very weak and therefore the shelter is not a safe place for her.”

Peanut absolutely thrived with her foster family. They learned she played well with other dogs and loved having a place on the bed.


After Just A Little Love, Care, And Medical Attention…

Eventually, Peanut started to put on some weight in foster care. DAS wrote on Facebook:

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“Peanut is looking so much better! she is eating Mike and Joy out of house and home! Just a couple of weeks and she is so much healthier. Her hair is growing back and she is much fatter.”

Paws 4 Hope/YouTube

She also got to sleep in a big comfy bed with her foster sister Kona. She really shocked her foster family with how quickly she settled into her new life.

Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary/YouTube

Just two months later, a completely revitalized Peanut was ready to go home permanently. She found her forever family in August 2020, along with another DAS dog named Billy.

Paws 4 Hope/YouTube

If it hadn’t been for the kind intervention of caring people, this beautiful happy dog would never have known the life she has now. DAS wrote:

“This was only possible because people like you generously support our rescues. Thanks as always to Joy and Mike for fostering so many of the more fragile dogs that we have and for loving Peanut so much!”

Paws 4 Hope/YouTube

Donate to Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary so they can keep saving lives like Peanut’s.

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