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Dog Pulls Up A Chair Next To Dad So He Doesn’t Have To Work Alone

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We are living in a time when more workplaces are starting to become more pet-friendly and allow their employees to bring in pets to work – as long as they’re well-behaved and well-trained.

This great idea is mutually beneficial for both employees and their dogs since both can enjoy each other’s company the whole day.

One adorable dog seemed to show his intuitive side. And it was all caught on camera for the rest of us to seen. While at work with his owner, a security camera caught the entire scene. You see a white dog wandering around the office of a security guard. Then man’s job, as it turned out, was to keep an eye on the building’s surveillance cameras – something that requires tons of focus and attention.

When the dog sees his owner working hard while also looking down, the dog immediately goes over to him to cheer him up.

The dog can be seen pushing a rolling-chair over to the owner’s desk using his paws. He gets it close and then hops up to sit beside the man.

Adorable, right?

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