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Disabled Chihuahua Dumped By Owner, Wonders If Anyone Will Ever Show Her Love

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Daffodil the Chihuahua was found dumped as a newborn in a cardboard box. People would pick her up, but dump her again when they saw that she had missing front legs. When San Francisco SPCA heard about her, they knew they had to give her a fair chance at life.

The SPCA care staff saw Daffodil beyond her deformities. With little love and care, Daffodil blossomed into a curious and playful pup. Seeing her spark for life, the SPCA decided to get Daffodil her very own set of custom-made wheels!

In this video, we see Daffodil’s excruciating journey as they try to fix her in a cast before getting her fitted for wheels. She initially stumbles and falls, but eventually learns to walk seamlessly with the… “Click on “Read more” to continue reading this story”. . .

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