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Dog Adopted After 500 Days In Shelter Gets Heartwarming Send-Off

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A shelter dog finally adopted after 500 days waiting at a shelter was treated to a heartwarming send-off to her new home.

Bonita, a six-year-old mixed breed dog, was filmed jumping for joy and excitedly wagging her tail as staff at the the Niagara SPCA animal shelter threw confetti, cheered and clapped as she was escorted out of the building by her new family.

Bonita arrived at the shelter on August 13, 2018. But despite her sweet disposition, she had trouble finding a home because she couldn’t be in a home with small children or other dogs. But thanks to the dedicated staff and a recent sponsorship, a potential adopter came by on December 11, 2019. Ray Kinz decided Bonita was the dog for him and adopted her!

The shelter couldn’t contain their excitement and wrote:

“After almost 500 DAYS of being at our shelter, our longest resident, Bonita, has found her forever home!!! We truly can’t contain our excitement and happiness for this precious girl. Thank you to these amazing people who came in and asked which dog had been here the longest and then gave Bonita the best Christmas present she will ever have…a home!!!”

The next day a very happy Bonita left the shelter. A heartwarming video was recorded of the shelter’s longest resident excitedly heading home.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the one below.

And how is Bonita in her new home? Niagara SPCA shared that “Bonita had a great first night at home” and added “she chose the big bed” next to her new dad, of course.

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Kinz has also set up an Instagram page for Bonita, and you can see how much she’s loving her new life.

Here she is enjoying her first snow day with the family!

She recently celebrated her 7th birthday and couldn’t be happier with her new family.

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