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Ben Affleck Finds Stray Dog & Welcomes Him Into His Family

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Ben Affleck Finds Stray Dog & Welcomes Him Into His Family

It’s a true rags to riches story for this lucky pup: from a stray scavenging on the streets to the beloved family member of a famous actor!

A photo of Ben Affleck carrying a blue-eyed pooch into a car surfaced, and a source revealed that he’d found the dog as it was living on the streets.

“He came across a stray dog over a month ago and has since adopted it,” said a friend of Affleck, according to People.

While the pup looks like a Husky, the same friend told the publication that he’s also “partially a German shepherd.”

Affleck, along with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, certainly seem to have a soft spot for the canine kind. People reports that in 2015, the actor and father of three brought a Golden Retriever puppy home just after he and his wife split.

Back in 2011, he and Garner were photographed walking a German Shepherd, who became the new sibling to their Lab named Martha Stewart.

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