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Park ranger carries German Shepherd suffering from heat exhaustion to safety

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This summer has been HOT. No matter human, dog, or wild animal, it’s been tough to escape the heat some days.

One day, in late June, Lexi Daniel was hiking Mount Tammany in New Jersey when she came across a German Shepherd and his owner. The dog was lying on the ground and “panting with heat exhaustion.”

She gave the dog what water she and her group had left, but she feared it would only scratch the surface. The dog was in dire need of help.

That’s when K. Salapek, a park ranger, who was also present, picked up the German Shepherd and slung him over his shoulders, something she said the owner was not capable of doing himself.

Salapek began the several mile-long rocky descent with the heavy dog wrapped around his shoulders.

When the group reached a stream, Salapek stopped and placed him in the water to cool him off.

And then Salapek continued the trek down the mountain with the German Shepherd on his shoulders.

“This ranger SAVED this dogs life. This is a HERO,” Daniel wrote on Facebook. “This dog probably wouldn’t have made it without him.”

Weeks later, Daniel shared an update and said the dog was doing just fine.

This man deserves our praise! Thank you sir for carrying this sweet baby to safety. You are a hero.

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