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Dog Always Brings His Owner Random Gifts Every Time She Comes Home

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For most of us, when we come home to our dogs after a long day, we are greeted with tail wags and lots of kisses. But for one lucky owner, her dog goes the extra mile and actually presents her with gifts when she comes home at the end of a day.

Seven-year-old Xena is one adorable pup who likes to celebrate her owner’s return by finding the perfect gift which she then presents to her. 32-year-old Kelly Seaton began documenting the unique gifts that her golden Labrador Retriever mix brings her every time she comes home.

The gifts that Xena brings are quite the random assortment of items that often times Kelly is left wondering where she found them in the first place. Such gifts have included, sellotape, a bottle of essential oils, empty bottles, ribbon, long-misplaced socks, a feather duster, soda cans, a random green bean and a single piece of dry spaghetti.

Much like Kelly, we have lots of questions – particularly in relation to the last two gifts.

However, those may forever remain mysteries.

After Xena has selected her gift for the day, she waits by the door for Kelly to arrive so she can proudly show off what a good girl she is – and cash in on a much-deserved belly rub.

The Maryland-based Kelly first started documenting Xena’s gift-giving about 3 years ago when her items began to increase in hilarity.

As she explained, “Xena has always brought me gifts. The first few times she did it, it was her ball or toys so I didn’t think anything of it. And the first time she brought me something random, I thought maybe she couldn’t find her toys but then it kept on happening. I never expected it to go on for this long. When I finally realized how odd it was, I started documenting it.”

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In addition to receiving gifts for coming home, sometimes the seven-year-old Xena will present Kelly with an item just for emerging from a different part of the house.

What a thoughtful little dog!

Kelly continued, saying, “Her ball is the most common gift but she’s brought me all sorts. Sometimes I find myself really confused about where she finds these things.”

She added, “The other day she brought me a gallon jug and I don’t even know where it came from or where she found it. She will bring me socks that I’ve been looking for, for two weeks. I don’t know where she hides them. She is always very proud of what she brings me. It has to be something she thinks is worthy.”

Kelly is sure to always thank Xena for her gifts, and always give Xena her well-earned reward of love and pets once Xena has dropped off her gift on the ground.

This dog’s generosity isn’t just reserved for Kelly but also extends to friends and family – all who are “beside themselves” to be included in the gift-giving. Xena is particularly fond of her grandma – Kelly’s mom – and “goes crazy” whenever she hears her coming.

“She runs around frantically looking for a gift that’s good enough,” Kelly revealed.

While gift-giving is certainly a very adorable quality, Kelly sees it as an extension of Xena’s already loving nature, as the dog tends to go out of her way to make people happy.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s other dog, Maserati, normally just watches the whole time, looking at Xena as though to say she’s a “suck-up.” Regardless, Kelly says that Xena and Maserati are “the best of friends.”

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Never change Xena, you’re too adorable!

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