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Stolen Dog Found At Dumpster Is Reunited With Overjoyed Owner After 2 Years

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Two years ago, someone stole Jason Brandon’s Shih Tzu, Polo. He was living in Miami at the time, and even though Polo was microchipped, he never got a call saying his dog had been retrieved. Until now. The Washington Humane Society called him to tell him they had Polo.

Photo credit: Washington Humane Society

From the way he was found, Polo was not loved in his time apart from Jason. He was found in a cage next to a dumpster. He was matted and his toenails were curled under his feet.

Photo credit: Washington Humane Society

Polo’s microchip lead him back to Jason. Jason now lives in New York City and drove down to get Polo.

Photo credit: Washington Humane Society

“This is just unbelievable,” Brandon said, according to the Humane Society’s Facebook page. “It’s something you see on CNN!”

Just the look on Jason’s face at seeing Polo shows how much he missed his best friend!

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