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Rescue Dog Falls In Love With His Human’s Blanket & Nothing Can Keep Them Apart

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When dogs love, they love with their whole heart. There’s no better feeling in the world than being loved by a dog. In fact, some of the best love stories involve dogs.

Hank was abandoned as a pup in 2010. The shelters were full, so his previous owner took Hank and a sibling to a vet to be euthanized. Of course, the vet refused, and rehomed the pair instead. Fate put Hank into Alix Tolley’s home – where he would soon meet the love of his life.

One year later, Alix was given a very nice blanket as a gift from her mother-in-law-to-be. The blanket was gorgeous. Soft. Cream-colored. The sort of blanket one would be happy to have as a gift. It was a treasure, and no one knew that better than Hank.

Hank loved the blanket, but his love did not go uncontested. The blanket belonged to Alix, and it was not something she wanted Hank to have. It was high-quality, and a gift, and not meant for the heartsick dog. Hank, however, refused to live without his love. No matter where the blanket was hidden, behind couches, under beds, in high places where he couldn’t reach, Hank would find a way to be with the blanket.

Finally, Alix and her husband realized that there was no stopping true love – they finally allowed Hank to have the blanket. Hank spends his time with his blankie, gnawing, nibbling, and rolling up in it. He’s loved a few holes in it, but Alix is happy that Hank is happy.

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Alix tells Today that she believes Hank’s obsession with the blanket may come from being separated from his mother too young, or perhaps he thinks he’s a cat. Just maybe, though, it’s fate.

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