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Owner Doesn’t Want Dog Anymore, Throws The Dog 50 Ft Down A Crater So She’d Die

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Malta rescue group “Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA)” rushed to a remote crater in the outskirts of Il-Maqluba when they heard about a distressed dog, Thumbelina. The dog’s owner apparently wanted to get rid of her, and had pushed her down the crater to make sure she suffers a slow, painful death.

Source: Pierre Galea/YouTube

When the rescuers arrived at the massive crater, they immediately noticed a severely emaciated Thumbelina lying lifelessly on a stony mass. The weeks of abandonment and starvation had taken a toll on her and she clearly didn’t have much time left. The rescuers went 50 feet down into the crater to get the poor pooch.

Source: Pierre Galea/YouTube

A grateful Thumbelina happily snuggled up to the rescuers the moment they approached her. But upon close observation, the rescuers were heartbroken to realize that the dog’s condition was far worse than they had expected. The anxious AAA team worked together to carefully pull her up from the crater, and then they drove her to the nearest vet.

Source: Pierre Galea/YouTube

Unfortunately, Thumbelina’s organs weren’t functioning well due to the prolonged starvation. The next few months were quite challenging as the rescuers tried their best to restore the dog’s crumbling health. Watch this video till the end to see how a resilient Thumbelina finally made a stunning recovery and began thriving once again!

Click the video below to watch Thumbelina’s heartbreaking rescue after being abandoned in the crater.

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