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K9 tracking dog finds missing 90 year old woman with dementia in the woods

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Dogs are such incredible animals, and their amazing senses can be used to do so much good. They’re especially valuable to police departments: when it comes to finding missing people, no one gets the job done like a K9 dog.

It’s especially important when the lost person is at risk and in danger. Luckily, one dog was able to save the day before it was too late.

In 2019, a 90-year-old woman named Loudell Hubbard, from Birmingham, Alabama, went missing. She was suffering from dementia.

Everyone feared for Loudell’s life. Family and neighbors were terrified what would happen if she wasn’t found soon.

But the Birmingham Police Department put one of their most capable officers on the case: a dog named Saby.

With K9 Unit officers Richard Wright and Dustin Brock, Saby led the search through the woods, keeping his nose to the ground and looking for her scent.

Miraculously, Saby soon followed the scent and found Loudell.

“The same time Richard came around the corner Saby was pulling me towards the creek. I come around and she was laying in the creek,” Brock recalled to WBMA.

“I yelled ‘Ma’am can you hear me?’ She raised her head up and then we just went to her,” Wright added.

Loudell had walked into the woods without her cane, and made it about a mile and a half before falling into a creek. She fell asleep resting her head on her purse, waiting for someone to rescue her.

Everyone was thrilled to see Loudell returned safe and sound.

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“Joy. It was joy. Everybody was just elated,” neighbor Frederick Jones told WBMA. “Everybody was thanking God and just elated. Really it brought tears to your eyes that she was ok.”

And it’s all thanks to Saby for saving the day.

“It’s impossible for us to duplicate what he does and do his job as fast as he does,” Officer Brock said.

Bless Saby for saving this woman before it was too late! It shows the amazing things K9 officers can do.

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