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Desperate Pup Leads Rescuers To Litter Of Puppies & A House Of Horror With Neglected Animals

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Royal Animal Refuge in Peachtree City, Georgia received a troubling call about an emaciated dog seen walking along the road. Once rescuers arriving at the scene of the sighting had no idea what they were walking into.

Rescuers were immediately greeted by the malnourished pup, and attempted to offer her a quick meal before taking her in. Though the desperate furry friend, now named Clover, must have been starving, she would not settle down enough to enjoy her much needed meal. It was as if she knew this was her chance to bring attention to the environment she had been forced to live in. Clover seemed extremely agitated and kept gesturing to an area at the back of the property.


“It was more like she was telling them, ‘Hey, just come with me.’ She kept stopping and turning around and waiting until they followed her.” – Royal Animal Refuge

As the rescuers followed Clover throughout the property, they began to hear the sounds of dogs crying in the distance. Among the cries were her litter of puppies that she had been hiding in a couch cushion, along with the desperate howls of neglected dogs that were being kept in tiny cages.

“What we thought was Clover leading us to her puppies was much more than that… was a horrible sight that we will never forget.” – Royal Animal Refuge


As the rescuers began to explore the area, they were hit with an overwhelming smell that engulfed the property. It became clear just how much suffering these poor pups had endured, as they soon came across multiple dead animals that had been gone for quite some time.

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Among the deceased animals were rabbits, chickens, ducks and 1 dog. They also discovered a dog with a previous leg fracture that healed in an acute angle. This injury was so severe that the neglected pup, now named Archie, required a leg amputation in order to find comfort.


“As painful of a scene as it was to see, we know that the dogs that we rescued today will never know a life of pain and not live another day in the hands of abuse and neglect. They will always know where their next meal is coming from. We promise them that they will always know love and affection.” – Royal Animal Refuge

Archie is now recovering from his leg amputation in a loving foster home, as well as Clover and her 10 puppies. According to Royal Animal Refuge, six counts of aggravated animal cruelty are currently pending against the owner of the property, and she has been forced to surrender all animals over to the care of the rescue.


Clover showed such determination when it came to leading rescuers to the horrible situation she had endured, and her bravery led to an incredible rescue. We are so happy to hear that the rescued pups are free of their tormented past, and will only know a life filled with love from now on!

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