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Forgotten Emaciated Dog Lives 4 Long Years Alone On Chain Tethered To A Tree

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For four long, lonely years, a precious dog sat tethered to a heavy chain attached to a tree. His body wasted away, his bones protruded, and he became a statistic. The sweet boy was one of the millions of forgotten chained pets who would certainly die a slow painful death unless help arrived to save him. He had no shelter, no bed, and sat next to an empty bowl as his stomach growled with hunger pains.

Source: Hope Paws/YouTube

At a mere 25 pounds, the pooch should have weighed at least 50 pounds for a dog of his size. Animal advocates were alerted of this pup’s plight and posted his story on social media. The folks at Go Dogs Rescue in Georgia stepped up and rescued him from his torturous life. They claimed images of the dog haunted them, so they saved him and called him Hero.

Source: Hope Paws/YouTube

Hero has a long road ahead and many struggles to overcome. In the meantime, he gets to sleep on a nice fluffy bed nestled into warm cozy blankets. At first, he simply had to get used to people actually caring for him. He slowly became a healthy, happy, heroic dog who lives up to his name!

Source: Hope Paws/YouTube

For more information about Hero’s journey, press play on the video below.

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