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Brave Dog Scares Off Four Thieves Holding Machetes

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Have you ever wondered what your dog would do in the event of an emergency? Most dogs bark at everything possible, but it’s difficult to tell if they would actually protect you from a burglar or not.

For one family, this hypothetical situation became a reality when four thieves with machetes tried to break into their home one night. But little did those burglars know, a loyal dog named Macey was waiting for them. When they tried to enter the family’s home, Macey did everything she could to protect her loved ones.

The Best Guard Dog

7-year-old Macey and her 3-year-old French Bulldog brother named Bruce were ready to protect their humans in a heartbeat. They heard someone breaking into the door, and they knew something wasn’t right. Security footage captured the thieves breaking in, but what happened next was unexpected.

When one thief smashed the door with their machete, the dogs darted out. They clearly wanted to defend their family at all costs. Unfortunately, one of the thieves struck Bruce, causing him to stop fighting. However, Macey refused to give up.

In the video, it looked like one of the thieves hit Macey with the blunt end of their machete. Yet, it didn’t stop the pup even for a second. She charges after them, causing them to flee in a panic. She was faster than they thought, so she kept running at them and biting them until finally, they drove away. At that point, the entire family was awake due to the commotion.

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Macey returned to the house once the thieves were gone. She sat patiently by the front door and waited for her dad to tell her to come inside. She didn’t want to enter the house without his approval.

Recovering From the Incident

Surprisingly, Macey seemed to be in good shape after the chase. Bruce had a cut from the machete, but other than that, he’s doing fine. Unfortunately, the humans were the ones that were the most scarred from this event. Parents Paul Davis and Jenna Byrne said their four children are too scared to stay in their own home right now. But at least they can feel safer knowing that Macey will always protect them.

“It was just so amazing to see what she did for us. For her to sit outside and wait to come back in like that, it just shows how good a dog she is,” said Byrne. “She’s such a big part of our family and just a really loving dog with the kids.”

Sometimes, our dogs surprise us in ways we never expected. This family always knew that Macey was a good girl, but they never expected her to go to such lengths to protect them. This pup deserves all the love and praise in the world!

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