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She Fought To Live Long Enough, Tucked Away And Waited For God To Take Her Home

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A stray dog experiencing this much pain is likely to shy away from rescuers rather than embrace them. It’s not as if they had experienced love before. They spend their lives fighting to live– fighting for food to fill their bellies, fighting to have enough water to drink, fighting to find shelter from the elements. When an injured stray is this far gone, they are tired and their will to fight fades.

The sick, injured dog tired from fighting to live, hid from rescuers in the thicket awaiting death. She had given up. She was old and lived a life full of struggle. She felt it was her time and had no desire to be saved.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

When a dog is at their breaking point like this, it’s time for rescuers to take their fight on for them. And that’s exactly what Animal Aid did! The dog later named Maxine, had a severe wound to her chest. Her lung was punctured and since she was a senior dog, they weren’t sure if she’d even survive surgery but they were going to try. She deserved the effort.

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Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

They rushed Maxine to the hospital to perform immediate life-saving surgery. There were many layers that needed stitching. Under anesthesia, Maxine felt no pain. The doctor repaired her lung. Since her injury was pretty extensive, the repair took several hours.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Now it was time for Maxine to rest. After sufficient time had passed, Maxine’s caregivers wanted her to try and eat. She wasn’t used to eating from a bowl and being shown such kindness. She was hesitant at first but then she accepted the food.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

It took several months of healing but with proper medical care and a regular diet, Maxine made a full recovery. The old gal also made new friends.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The senior dog loves to lay in the sun. No one is sure exactly how long Maxine has but they do know she will live out the rest of her life wanting for nothing. This is how it’s supposed to be.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

This is what she deserves!

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Consider sharing this story so Animal Aid gets the most exposure possible. We love the work that they do. They really are incredible. No dog is a waste of their time or limited resources. No dog is turned away.

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