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Rescued Dog Can’t Stop Hugging The Woman Who Saved Her

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If you’ve ever rescued a dog or visited a shelter then you know first hand how much they appreciate your love and attention. This was no different for a sweet girl named Penny who was recently rescued in Georgia. Penny was so grateful that she just couldn’t stop hugging the woman who saved her.

A Last-Minute Rescue

Lia Domingo went to the Augusta Animal Shelter earlier this week ready to rescue a dog in need. She was working with The Pixel Fund and headed to the shelter to save a Pitbull named Peety. Lia was surprised when she was asked at the last minute to rescue another dog named Penny. Of course, Lia couldn’t say no and thank goodness she didn’t!

Penny is a precious 1-year-old Corgi mix. She has an eye injury which gives her an even more endearing appearance. Sadly for Penny, her eye injury meant that all of the local rescues were unwilling to help her.

“When I saw her, it just broke my heart because she was very scared and not very receptive. She was very nervous,” Lia told MSN. “She didn’t even want to look at me the first day. She just cowered.”

They Headed East But There Was One Minor Setback

Lia loaded up Penny and Peety and hit the road. The trio had an hour and a half drive ahead of them. They set out for Sparta, Georgia where they were going to relay with another volunteer who would transport Penny and Peety even further. Lia hit a figurative roadblock on the way when the shelter called and asked her to bring Peety back. His family had called to claim him, so Lia turned around and headed back towards Augusta.

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Lia and The Pixel Fund collaborated and decided it was best to just leave both Penny and Peety at the shelter that night. This would ensure Lia would only make one trip to Sparta if Peety’s family didn’t come get him. It broke Lia’s heart to leave both dogs at the shelter after giving them a quick taste of freedom.

A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept

Penny especially pulled at Lia’s heartstrings, so she made her a promise.

“I gave her a kiss and whispered in her ears, ‘Don’t worry, Penny. You know we’re going to be back. We won’t let you down. I promise,’” Domingo said.

Luckily for Peety, his family picked him up that night. The next day the once shy little girl was now bursting with excitement when Lia returned for Penny. She seemed to recognize Lia and couldn’t wait to be reunited!

Penny and Lia loaded up in the car and that’s when Penny just melted into Lia’s arms. She pressed herself against Lia’s chest and laid her head on her savior’s shoulders. This inevitably brought tears to Lia’s eyes.

“She put her little arms around me and wouldn’t let me go… she knew she was finally safe,” Lia said.

Penny demanded her love and affection the entire way so Lia gladly kept one hand free for snuggles and scratches. Lia safely made the drive to Sparta with one hand on the wheel and the other comforting sweet Penny. She whimpered and cried and asked for more if Lia even thought about putting her hand back on the wheel.

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A Welcomed Plot Twist Saves A Life

Penny was checked out by the vet once she arrived in Sparta. She was in good health despite her eye. This little love bug is now known as Chloe Olivia, and she is patiently waiting for her forever home.

Deborah Kirkland is the executive director of The Pixel Fund in Georgia. She had helped arrange Penny’s – or Chloe’s rescue and she firmly believes everything happens for a reason.

“Even though we did not get to save the pit bull… he was put in our path so that we would find out about Chloe Olivia — aka Penny — and save this little girl who is just as deserving of a new family and a new life,” Deborah told MSN.

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