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Dog runs out every morning to bring a carrot to his horse friend

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We love seeing unique, special friendships between animals. Sometimes two different species just form an unlikely bond.

It’s especially common for people who own farms and also have house pets: dogs can be amazingly helpful in taking care of the animals.

That’s what one video shows, as one good dog finds a way to help his favorite horse every morning with a thoughtful gift.

The video comes from Tina LeVoir-Jones. Her friend owns a horse and a dog, and every morning the dog runs out with a special delivery:

He brings her horse a carrot!

It’s amazing to watch the dog instinctively run out across the farm to reach his friend. He delivers the carrot, which the horse happily accepts, and then runs off, mission accomplished.

It shows how intelligent dogs can be: not only can this dog help his owner out with tasks around the farm, but he’s able to make friends with the other animals.

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