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Pregnant Dog Laid Down In Spot She’s Dumped & Waited For Her Wicked Owner

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When one owner decided his pregnant dog was no longer worthy of a home, he left her on the side of the road. She just laid there, very pregnant, and very scared. As cars zoomed by, she watched each one hoping her owner would come back for her. But thankfully, for her own good, her owner never did.

Rescuers heard about the poor dog and drove over as fast as they could. When they saw her, she looked so sad. How could her owner be so cruel? She laid her head down as if she was giving up. She no longer had faith in humans, or in herself.

Source: Animal Shelter, Naicha’s Story

The rescuers gently lifted her up and put her in their vehicle. They drove straight to the vet clinic. Thankfully the vet confirmed that she had no injuries but they needed to check on her unborn pups. They did an ultrasound and determined that she was about to give birth! The puppies were ready so now it was time to make Mama comfortable.

Source: Animal Shelter, Naicha’s Story

They gave her a big bowl of food and lots of water. They also decided on a name for her, Naicha. It was time to let Naicha rest and wait for her contractions to start. In a few hours, Naicha and her new human friends welcomed 11 puppies into the world! And all of them were healthy! Naicha is such a proud mama. Just look at that smile!

Source: Animal Shelter, Naicha’s Story

Because Naicha had so many little mouths to feed, some of her puppies struggled to eat. That’s when the vet clinic workers and rescuers stepped up to bottle feed some of the puppies. The little pups are just too precious for words.

Source: Animal Shelter, Naicha’s Story

Naicha and her puppies love all of their new human friends. One of the rescuers volunteered to foster her and her babies. Mom and her puppies leave the vet clinic and go to their new home. At the end of the video, you will see Naicha playing with her puppies and it’s truly a wonderful thing to witness. The dog that was left on a busy road by an uncaring owner will now get a good home thanks to animal rescuers. And we know all her puppies will find homes too. We are so grateful that this sad story had a wonderful happy ending!

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