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Man walking his dog finds hot-dog pieces stuffed with nails on the ground

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Dogs have the purest hearts. They appreciate every single kindness we show them and they are not capable of comprehending the concept of cruelty.

Sadly, humans are capable of planning and executing horrible atrocities when it comes to animals.

While there are people who love dogs and other animals with all their hearts, there are some who hate them.

They hate these pure souls who know nothing but to love, and they can go as far as doing something so unimaginable that it just breaks our hearts.

On May 05, 2020, the Newport RI Police Department posted something that went viral.

It aims to warn dog owners about something that was found scattered all over the ground – something that looks so innocent but can actually kill or hurt innocent dogs.

According to the post, a concerned resident reported that he was just doing his usual everyday routine of walking his dog when he noticed something.

It may look innocent at first but it wasn’t. It was a trap scattered on the ground, waiting for a hungry dog to come and eat it up, not knowing what’s inside.

He found scattered pieces of hot dogs that were cut up all over the ground.

At first, you would think that they were put there so the dogs could eat. It looked like it was done out of concern, but it wasn’t.

Upon closer inspection, the resident was shocked by what he saw.

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Inside each cut-up chunk of hot dog were nails!

According to the post:

“On May 4th 2020 in the Thurston Ave area police responded to a report that a resident, while walking his dog noticed pieces of hot dogs scattered on the lawns, upon further checking it revealed that the hot dogs contained nails.”

How can someone do this?

It was just too much. Can you even imagine why or how someone could do this intentionally? This person knew that the dogs would see this and jump with happiness!

Just imagine, a starving dog would not hesitate to eat these hot dogs, not knowing that just a single bite can cause excruciating pain!

The police were clueless and in disbelief. It was heartbreaking to see someone planning something so evil. What if the concerned resident didn’t see it first?

It has served as a warning to all dog owners and even to all concerned citizens. It doesn’t matter where we live or where we are, we need to be extra careful.

Our innocent dogs can face dangers masked in such innocent treats like this one.

We can never be sure.

The Newport, RI, Police Department is asking for your help:

“The Newport Police are currently investigating this incident and request that anyone with information contact Detective Patrick Walsh at 401-845-5775.”
Any information that can lead to the perpetrator will greatly help them in ensuring the safety of their dogs. In the meantime, people can help protect their neighborhood pets by ensuring their own lawn hasn’t been littered with life-threatening dog treats.

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It was a cruel plan to hurt innocent dogs, but we’re all thankful that the person who reported it was in the right place at the right time.

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