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After losing his dog, man goes to shelter – decides to adopt all the overlooked senior animals

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Some people are just incredible animal lovers and would do just about anything for them, and Steve Grieg is one of those people. The kind man from Colorada has always had a ton of pets at his home, but his latest act definitely made sure that his home would be full of energy.

The man has always taken in animals in need since he had his own house.

Usually, there were always three or four pups in the home at a time, but he luckily had enough space in his roomy property.

One day, one of the man’s loyal pet dogs passed away.

Steve was absolutely devastated, but he decided that he wanted to do something beautiful for another dog in his pup’s honor.

He knew that there were plenty of animals in need, even in shelters, who were just overlooked as nobody wanted to adopt them. That’s why he decided to head to the local shelter and ask to see the four-footer that was the ‘least adoptable’.

“So [I adopted] a 12-year-old Chihuahua [named Eeyore] with a heart murmur and four bad knees and I brought him home and that was just the beginning of all the animals,” the man said to The Dodo.

However, it didn’t stop with just one.

Not long after, the man adopted another senior dog. And another. And another.

“They’re just wiser animals,” Steve mentioned. “You kind of know what you want out of life once you become a certain age. These dogs know who they are and it’s easy to develop a relationship with a person or pet who knows who they are.”
Before he knew it, he gave a warm and loving home to no less than ten senior pups! Steve even though it was a good idea to adopt other animals as well who needed a home, so he welcomed a couple of pigeons and ducks as well.

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One day, a friend of his even approached him, asking him if he’d like to take care of an adorable pet pig named Bikini. Of course, Steve simply couldn’t refuse this offer! Bikini fits it well and has befriended all of the other animals in the man’s busy home.

Next up was a rabbit in need, who he found in his front yard.

It was clear that the rabbit needed help as he was hopping around aimlessly without his mom around. Surprisingly, the rabbit gets along really well with all of the other pets, including the bigger dogs.

Steve decided to make an Instagram account one day, to show the world amazing pictures of his cozy home full of loving pets. He likes to call them his ‘wolf gang’, and the internet just absolutely loves it. At the time of writing, the page has amassed more than 900,000 followers and counting. Everybody just wants to tune in and witness the amazing adventures of the wolf gang.

The animal lover couldn’t be happier that he’s surrounded by a plethora of furry friends.

“They just make it feel like home. It’s just fulfilling knowing that these guys are happy and loved and well-taken care of. It makes my days worthwhile,” Steve concluded.

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Src: Wolfgang2242, The Animal Rescue Site

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