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Commuter halts his car after spotting dog ‘hanging’ from a power box struggling to breathe

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When it comes to leaving a dog tied up with no food and water, you’re doing more than abandoning it.

You’re leaving it alone knowing that it has no chance of finding any food or water; it’s one of the cruelest acts against an innocent animal.

In this case not only was a dog tied up and abandoned but it was tied so tight it was being strangled.

David Fredman was on his way to work when he spotted the dog tied to an electrical cord. He had been left to practically hang on the side of a road in Missouri, Fox 13 News reports.

“I saw what looked like a dog that was being hung over the side of some sort of power box,” David told Fox 4 KC.

“The cord was definitely strangling him. His feet were touching the ground, but they were barely touching the ground. He was trying to whip his head left and right but could barely move it.”

Thankfully David had something in his car to cut the cord but not before he alerted police to the struggling animal.

“As soon as I cut him down, he couldn’t breathe. He was trying to breathe. I tried get him to walk. He couldn’t walk.”

The animal hero then took the relieved dog to KC Pet Project, an animal shelter in Kansas City.

‘Save my dog’s life’

Staff discovered a microchip which led them to his owner who had been looking for Max for two days. He was returned to his worried family who is now trying to find out how Max was taken and ended up tied to a box.

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The dog’s owner Dee Vaughn invited David to his home to thank him for finding and helping his dog, according to Fox News.

What a Good Samaritan David is, not many people would have noticed, let alone stopped, for this animal in need.

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