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Old dog dies of panic attack during fireworks display

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With the Fourth of July this past weekend, many Americans celebrated Independence Day with fireworks displays.

But while most people enjoy the explosive sights and sounds of fireworks, our dogs certainly do not: they have highly sensitive hearing and the loud sounds can cause them great fear and anxiety.

It’s a dark side to the festive celebrations… and sadly, sometimes the results can be fatal. That was the case for one old dog, who died after suffering a panic attack during a fireworks display.

The heartbreaking story was shared by Antonella Modasjazh on Facebook. She said her old dog Magui died after a series of panic attacks triggered by fireworks.

“She was old and was terrified of fireworks,” Antonella wrote, according to the Daily Star. “We did not know where to put her while other people were having fun, she was going through a very bad moment.”

She says the family called local veterinarians but no one responded. The old dog passed away as Antonella’s son held her in his arms.

For this grieving family, no holiday celebration was worth the life of their dog.

“Your fun terrified her, it generated an inexplicable panic,” Antonella wrote.

It’s a tragic reminder of the real effect fireworks can have on dogs. While the situation isn’t always as fatal as this one, so many dogs are similarly panicked by the noise.

If you set off fireworks this summer, remember to be courteous to your neighbors with pets—let them know when you’ll be setting them off so they can prepare their pets for a potential panic attack.

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